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NON-AMERICAN BUYERS, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST.  Motoslave Outlet ships internationally, accepting payment via PayPal.com ONLY.  International buyers will pay for actual shipping costs plus a $1.00 fee for shipping materials & handling. Shipping is by either USPS International Priority mail or USPS First Class International Airmail (for small orders only - must be under 4 lbs. and low in volume). As you may already be aware, shipping costs from the United States to other countries can be quite expensive, especially for larger orders.  If you'd like to estimate costs for yourself before placing an order, please visit the United States Postal Service's International Rate Calculator.  Click on "package" and enter the appropriate information in the form boxes.  (NOTE: If you'd like an estimate about the weight of a potential order, CONTACT ME and I'll get back to you with a weight estimate as soon as possible)

Fun Facts About Binky:

  • BRICK CONDITIONS: I've been collecting LEGO®, mostly Castle and Technic, for about 24 years now (since I was 14--late bloomer), and have managed to hold on to most of my collection through that time. This means that some of my bricks are quite old and in some cases worn, though most of the wear on the older pieces from my collection are mostly from storing them in big tubs over the years. On the other hand, some are brand new and have only been handled in sorting. I tend to be a bit fastidious about the condition of bricks I buy, and in turn I try to be candid about the condition of the pieces you buy from me, so check the item description for condition. Unless otherwise noted, all the bricks I sell are in "NEW" or "LIKE NEW" (sorting or storage wear only) condition.  Otherwise, there are 2 other conditions I grade used but saleable bricks by:
  1. FAIR - moderately to heavily used with easily noticeable scratches - I usually don't even bother with this category unless it's a rarer piece that would be hard to find new
  2. GOOD - used with light scratches - most used bricks fall under this category
  • MINIMUM ORDER: $5.00
  • PAYMENT METHODS: I prefer payment by PayPal first, money orders second. US buyers, please note that if your order is over $100.00, I will only ship to PayPal confirmed addresses. Otherwise, payment via money order only.
  • SHIPPING - UPDATED 7/12/02: When shipping to an address in the United States, I ship by either 1st class using bubble mailers or low-weight shipping boxes (under 1 lb) or by FedEx Ground for anything over 1 lb. If shipping to a PO Box, I will ship by USPS Priority mail instead. There is a $1.00 handling charge for packing materials & handling added to your total. Insurance is optional but recommended for either shipping class. Packages are shipped within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.
  • ABOUT ME: I'm a 38 year old adult collector from NJ. Besides LEGO, I also collect 12" movie and television action figures from Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys.
  • EBAY: I have an eBay ID that I use for both buying and selling LEGO®: motoblue. Clicking this link will take you to my eBay About Me page; it is not a mail link.
  • OTHER HOBBIES:  I also collect 12" action figures, especially those made by Dragon Models, Sideshow, and Hot Toys. I especially like the movie and television tie-in figures. If you like to mix-trade, let me know ! (that's a mail link).
  • ABOUT the NAME of my shop: "Motoslave" is the name of the transforming motorbike/mecha/armor-suit ridden by the "Knight Sabers" in the Japanese animation cyber-punk classic, Bubblegum Crisis. I am a huge BC fan, and also have used the name on my personal hobbies web page, Motoslave Garage.


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