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Hi, I have been member since early 2006, ever since a friend showed me this site. I have been messing around actively with Legos since I was 9. I have been hooked ever since. The minifures are by far my favorite aspect of this international toy. I am what would be considered an "Army Builder". My interest in Lego armies all roots to my military background. First by being an Air Force brat, then by entering the service myself. Legos are my way of staying young at heart when the trials of the day age me mentally. I don't believe anyone is too old for Legos, a true toy for the generations. -Michael- ---------- (When an order is completed, please leave feedback.)

When my life settles down and I have the time and space I will build an entire country of Lego. I am still in the process of completing a full length Lego stop action movie. LOL. Just takes time with a busy schedule.
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