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What can we say about us? We love LEGO! BAM Good Bricks started in 2023 as a small section in our BAM Liquidation retail store in Lewisville, TX. Brian Mayes is the owner and founder of BAM Liquidation and BAM Good Bricks, he has four amazing kids that have all grown up with a love and passion for LEGO. When some space opened up in our retail store we thought to ourselves what new product line can we add to our store? After some careful thought, soul searching and suggestions from friends, family & customers LEGO was the answer! It made total sense….its fun, extremely popular, growing at an amazing rate and my kids love it! We started small by adding just a few LEGO sets, a small bulk LEGO bin and one display case with minifigures in our BAM Liquidation retail store….only about 500 square feet. Within a matter of weeks it was apparent this was not enough! Our customers loved the idea and loved our pricing even more! Since we are a store within a store concept we don’t have to rely on large margins to make the business successful so we decided right from the start…we are going to sell for less and pay more than anyone else! This philosophy paid off…..customers loved the idea, appreciate the trade value and now we have one of the largest selections of both new and preowned LEGO in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Our store is still growing and we receive some amazing new products everyday! We just launched our BAM Good Bricks online store as well as our BAM Good Bricks Bricklink store this year and have some really amazing ideas coming soon! We appreciate all of our customers and our goal to create a community around LEGO for LEGO enthusiasts, collectors and builders so they can share their passion and love for LEGO through BAM Good Bricks! Thanks for the support! Brian Mayes
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