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I am hooked on the Star Wars LEGO sets, but I actually started with the NASA Discovery sets and have collected them all as of date. My son and I (and maybe my wife soon) like to build LEGO sets together on Christmas day (and any other time we can make up an excuse to build). My basement is filled with the LEGO's we have built (I will NEVER sell them - They will stay with me for life and maybe past that) and lots of the Star Wars/Star Trek/etc. Hallmark Ornaments. Below is the list of LEGO's I (and my son) have built so far. Thanks to Bricklink, I am now collecting parts to build some of the sets I couldn't possibly afford (like the Death Star II set which retails for around $2500 - much less when built part by part).

Latest project was the Starship Enterprise. It is absolutely huge!

Click HERE to view some pictures of what I like to call my shrines... Lots of toys.  :)

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