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My Lego Journey

Age 6 to 9: Basic and Town

When I was six, I decided I wanted LEGO. An older boy I knew had some town and space sets and I knew I wanted some too. For my birthday, my grandparents bought me a moderately sized basic set. It had red roof tiles, sliding white doors, windows, etc. That Christmas I got a red fire truck set. Developmentally, I was not in a place to be able to fully appreciate what I had. I had fun, I built things, but I didn't have the mindset to make more of what I had. When I was seven, I used the basic set's instructions to build something for the first time. I felt so accomplished!

Age 10 to 12: Space

On my tenth birthday, I got my first Space set. It was a new era for me! It was the Futron Stardefender 200. What a great design. The pods could detach, so I had my choice of one large space ship, three smaller space, or I could join the pods and have two mid sized ships.

Later, I was given the M-Tron Mega Core Magnetizer. What a glamorous, flashy, disappointment. I made good use of the pieces, but as a set, it was not much fun for me.

Age 12 to 14: Castle

I had an entire card table surface in my room to call my own and it was the home to a castle empire, complete with variously sized castles, fields for my horse herds, shelter for the civilians, and lots of mini fortresses and guard posts all over the place. I was very proud of it and rebuilt it many times.

My first Castle set was Dungeon Master's Castle. It was a requested birthday gift and I fell asleep anticipating it for a month before I got it.

My next big Castle:

This is one of my most memorable set. A testament to its play value was that I kept it assembled more than any other set.

This set was used for parts. I loved having the Wolf Pack men though! They made great villains.

Departure From Lego

At some point, without really knowing why, I stopped playing with LEGO and began to join the adult world. My last elaborate custom castle empire collected dust and with a feeling of regret I tore it down and put all my bricks away.


This is to be determined... Can I recapture the magic of my childhood? Time will tell... :-)
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