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My name is Agnes but I also accidentally got nickname... "Stefan" :D
and I used that to create the name for my store.
So whatever you call me... it's correct :)

My store is one person operation... when kids are at school.
I'm trying to speed up the process of adding new parts into
my inventory but it's not easy :/

LEGO is my passion and it's contagious so my kids got that "fever" too.
LEGO helped me to reconnect with my son when he became autistic.
I love when he "dives" into just bought pounds of used LEGO, finds
one special piece and after an hour he shows me another amazing creation :)

My daughter just got LEGO Boost and... she loves that. She is very
into robots so it looks like the perfect thing for her. I hope she
will jump on the Mindstorm soon :D

Wish you all the best!
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