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The first Lego set I had was the famous Yellow Castle - Castle 375. It came out the year I was born so I suspect it was my older brother’s and he just shared it with me. I still think it’s the coolest Lego set out there mostly because of the face masks.

Growing up in the 80s, I was big into the old Castle and Space theme stuff but I also had the odd Police or Fire set. I stopped asking my parents for Lego right around when Pirates came out in the late 80s - at the time, I resented Lego becoming so specific. The last set I bought back then was the Galactic Peacekeeper when I was around 12 and it gathered a lot of dust on my shelf while all my Castle and Space men sat in Ziploc bags in my bedroom closet for 18 or so years.

Fast-forward to 2003 when I was away at University and went to a toy-store to by a gift for a friend’s child. I had never seen Star Wars Lego before and being a huge fan (of the original movies!) I just had to buy a set – the TIE Bomber to be specific. I also “needed” to buy a few more sets and displayed them in my cramped dorm room. My favorite is still the UCS Blockade Runner. The collecting stopped again around 2005 when I graduated and many of my Star Wars sets from then are still sealed.

Fast-forward another few years to a new city, several new jobs and a new girlfriend. On a visit back home, I came across the Blockade Runner in my closet and fell in love once again. Some of my old sets were missing a few pieces and that’s when I found Bricklink – a godsend for trying to finish sets cheaply. It also reignited my Lego fever – big time.

Thanks to a few lucky Craigslist finds, I started collecting in earnest and now have about 100 sets and 50,000 pieces in my personal collection. I still need thousands of pieces so I’m as much a consumer as a seller. The thing I’m proudest of is building the UCS Millennium Falcon from extra pieces in my collection or from pieces I got from Bricklink. Given what it’s selling for now-a-days, I saved a few hundred dollars.

Ever since I started collecting again, I’ve gotten a lot of extra pieces. Thanks to being “in-between” jobs, I figured I had the time to just start a Bricklink store and sell them and so here we are. It went pretty fast at first but now I’m back working for the man and don’t have as much free time to devote to it but still, it’s a living (I’m not sure if I mean the Lego or the “real” job).
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