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About Me
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Collector of Classic/Futuron and now Sculpture sets.

Mad keen Kidderminster Harriers fan ( football team,non-league at present ).

Just like any other Lego nut,I've many other sets and bits unrelated to my main interests.

Recently developed an interest in all forms of early Lego and Kiddicraft,any info always welcome.

I have a number of other older brand bricks ( especially 2 x 4's ) that may be of interest to you if you are interested in more than Lego alone.

Please ask if you are interested in a possible trade, Lego for the alternative bricks.

Just a few examples :


Puwi/diplom/Lino/Clicki ( same bricks )

Jouef brix

Byg selv ( once known as x bricks / x clone )

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