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Greetings from Ohio! I was randomly browsing the Internet one day and found this interesting site that sells Legos. I was skeptical at first, but after checking out the amazing selection of available parts, I knew this was the place for me. I initially joined Bricklink to get my hands on several rare Technic pieces. Since then I have become a seller myself and have been enjoying the Lego hobby even more.

ABOUT MY STORE: 1337 Bricks is a hobbyist’s store. I am not out to price-gouge or pass on ridiculous fees to my buyers: I try to follow the lower end of the price guide within reasonable limits, but don't always have the time to double check existing lots. 1337 stands for ‘leet’ or ‘Elite’ and so my focus is on quality and trying to be the best seller I can. I also won’t ever become a ‘large’ store selling millions of items.


The Moc Shop on 29-AUG-2014: Meh… not impressed.

Bricklink 2.0 on 08-JUN-2016: Well, I suppose it could have been worse. Over time the site has seemed more stable. But the major facelift was like running into a brick wall while holding a lit stick of dynamite and singing "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor.

LEGO takeover of Bricklink on 26-NOV-2019: OK, kind of a shock. When I heard this I was like “oh crap, what next?” But aside from some legal stuff, the most significant change I’ve seen is that “Medium Flesh” is now “Medium Nougat”. Yeah go ahead and try to implement individual taxes per state. I’m not against taxes, but there appear to be some additional legal ramifications that need to be clarified. Overall as long as the Lego Corp doesn’t run this site into the ground things should still be OK. But as soon as they start trying to “standardize” seller actions, there’s gonna’ be a virtual riot.


Since becoming a seller on Bricklink, I have enjoyed getting more involved with our community, and specifically the catalog. I have submitted items, photos, weights, and inventories for new items. I also try to read the Forum most days and sometimes make posts. Since the elimination of auctions, the chat room, and other miscellaneous things, it looks like I have more time to p0wn n00bs on X-Box Live.


Set 41999 4 x 4 Crawler Exclusive Edition [new]

Set 8300-1 Lego Technic Team [new]

Set col11-3 Pretzel Girl [new]


My favorite genre is Technic. I enjoy building suspensions and transmissions in cars, and watching all the gears turn fluidly. I actually prefer some “bare bones” creations that let you see all the working parts. So something like 42115 Sian FKP 37, while an amazing set, is not as cool to me as say 8465 Extreme Off-Roader.


So……. COVID-19. Sucks. I’m impressed that McDonald’s is still open in the midst of many “non-essential” companies struggling or shutting down. But, USA needs our chicken McNuggets and Diet Coke sales. I still miss karaoke and my local bar. When everything returns to “normal” it may be a time to reflect on what matters most in life, to ponder the significant changes everyone has been through and think of those unexpectedly caught in the shroud of this pandemic. We must adapt to survive, but there will always be beer and campfire songs with friends. Here’s to a brighter future.

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