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I am a lifelong LEGO fan born in 1970, and I have loved LEGO as long as I can remember. Both my grandmothers had LEGO sets at their houses - one had this one from 1961 (the first year LEGO was sold in the US):

and the other had this one from 1972:

I received my own first LEGO set around 1974 - it looked like this:

Once Star Wars came out in 1977, my time was split between that and LEGO. Star Wars usually won, but LEGO was always a close second, especially when the LEGO minifigs came out in 1978.

In 1980 I picked up the 6000 Idea Book and caught LEGO Mania!

My brother and I soon had sections of our room reserved for LEGOLAND Town, Space, and Castle. Here is our Town layout circa 1981:

That's me on the right, along with my brother and sister.

After 1983 my main interests soon turned to other things like G.I. Joe, riding bikes, and chasing girls. But I still kept an eye on all the new LEGO sets coming out, and continued to do so for years after that.

Fast-forward to 1999, the unthinkable happened: Star Wars and LEGO joined forces! I couldn't say no to that and bought my first Star Wars LEGO set. I then bought 3 more Star Wars sets over the next few years. I was not quite out of my Dark Ages yet, but sort of in my Grey Years.

Then in 2008 my grandmother gave me the old Samsonite Junior Constructor set that my brother and I (as well as my mother and her brothers!) had played with when we were kids. I'm extremely pleased to now own this wonderful family heirloom.

And that sparked my interest again. I picked up this book:

...and started doing loads of research on LEGO online. I realized I had been away too long. LEGO Mania came back with a vengeance!

Since then I put together a Classic 1978-1988 Town layout with Idea Book-style backdrop:

And now I have added a newer (2005-present) LEGO City layout. I'm very excited about the newer modular building sets aimed at adult builders--like Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and Fire Brigade. The Creator series modular houses are fantastic as well. I've been gradually adding these to my City, which grows larger all the time. I am a member of the newly-founded PortLUG, and have made new friends who share my love of the plastic brick. And now I know, more than ever, that you can never have enough LEGO!

LEGO is the best toy ever made, for kids and adults alike.

Check out my History of LEGO Commercials page here.

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