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Hello to LEGO fans from LAbricks located in San Fernando Valley (part of Los Angeles)!!!

I have always loved playing with LEGO bricks as a kid, especially with those Basic building sets I requested when I was about 7 or so. However I parted from LEGO by the time high school came around. All of my LEGO bricks were stored away by the time I went to college. These 30 years old bricks were lost until I dug them for my kids couple years ago. This has ignited my passion with LEGO almost instantaneously to its fullest with not only building with my kids but becoming a collector. Being a fan of Star Wars has certainly boosted my collection much quicker than expected along with many other themes I desire. Here I am, an AFOL who needs to find some supplemental income to sustain my growing obsession passion/hobby. As you LEGO fans know, this is an expensive hobby.

Please note that this is my new venture in Bricklink and is not intentioned as a full time gig at this point (maybe years from now). Although I started selling on eBay recently, but focus is to make transition to this venue so that better selections can be offered as well as service to other fans.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!

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