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My daughters are all in their dark ages, but my collection grows larger and larger. :)
Recently me and my daughters converted a bulldozer (7685) to pneumatic control.
My youngest daughter has started to play with small Legos (not Duplo). She's much more dedicated than two years ago, as you can read below ;-)
My middle daughter just turned 5. She's playing a lot with her new Belville sets she got for X-mas and birthday. The Duplo is now only used by my one year old daughter. She drags them out and spreads them out all over the livingroom and kitchen. After that she feels fine and enjoys something else... ;-)
My daughters (now 7½ and soon 4 years old) play a lot with Duplo and Duplo trains. My oldest daughter is also very fond of Harry Potter Lego. I still keep most of my Lego bricks in the attic but I have brought down a bucket of bricks to build with. Oh... it's a large bucket.
Hi! I'm Pontus and I grew up with Lego. For many years my Lego has been stored up in the attic. Now, once in a while my 5 year old daughter and I bring it down to play with. It still is great fun!
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