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As a kid, my first introduction to creating something with the power of my imagination was Lego. This was looong before home computers (now called PC's), which eventually overtook the position as tool for my imagination, after several other intermediaries, but the joy of creating has never left me. After many years languishing in the dark (without LEGO), my young nephew rekindled the childhood joy, but that didn't last long. He's now in his teens, and has forsaken Lego for more "advanced" things, meaning playing none-stop on computer/console/phone, sometimes all at the same time - can't blame him, I'd (try to) do the same today. I was facing darkness again (no LEGO) ... until I stumbled upon GBC (Great Ball Contraption), which spoke to me on sooo many levels - including the inner child who never forgot the playfulness LEGO can induce. Have recently been bitten by a mad knight, so I've been "lured" into Castle (Fantasy Era etc.) MOC's and a modular coorperation in my RLUG, just finished participating in my first exhibition, as part of an 8 man team. So many years later, and much heavier (sigh) ... but also more flush than a child, I can indulge in creating new contraptions, for my own enjoyment and (hopefully) others.
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