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Hi there!

Welcome to my page. I would like to give you some facts about my life and tell you why I have a shop on Bricklink.

Ever since I was a kid I played with Lego and I never stopped loving those little amazing bricks!
In my teenage years I began sorting my Lego boxes to rebuild the sets from my childhood. I found out that by selling whole sets I could make more money than by selling just the parts of it.
A few years later as a college student I started selling sealed sets so I could fullfill myself some smaller dreams.

In 2015 I opened my shop on Bricklink and my goal is to become the biggest shop selling sealed Lego sets in this place. My wife and kids support me very much and we hope to make our biggest dream come true:
our own house where we can raise our two sons and grow old together.
An exciting time lies ahead of us. I look forward to meeting great people on Bricklink and send out Lego sets all over the world.

Thank you for stopping by!

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