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Hi! I'm An 18 Year Old Fan Of Lego. I've Sold Online On Different Websites For A While Now But Recently Started Selling On Bricklink. I've Never Seen Such An Amazing Community, I Am Very Glad and Happy To Be A Part Of It :) I Love Everything Related To Selling Whether It Be Parting Out Sets, Sorting Used Lego, Or Pulling And Packing Orders. Currently Selling Lego Is My Main Source Of Income As I've Never Had A Job Working For Any Company (Unless You Count Delivering Newspapers As A Kid) I Hope That I Will Be Able To Make This A Full-Time Career. I've Had Lots Of Help From My Parents And Siblings With Different Aspects Of Selling And Lots Of Help From Lots Of Amazing Members In The Community And I Am Really Thankful For Them. Fun Fact Every 500 Orders I Receive I Throw A Pizza Party For My Family So Make Sure To Order :) I Try My Best To Make Sure Quality Is Met, I've Seen So Many Videos And Forum Threads About People Receiving Damaged Items That Arnt Listed As Such So It's My Goal To Keep My Quality Control To A Higher Level. Thank you For Reading!
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