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We at Minizfigs.com have believed in the power of simplicity since the company was founded in 2015, but this core belief has come with quite a roller coaster effect throughout our journey to the present. "With simplicity comes major complexity" as said by our lead design engineer of special projects. As a company, we sought out to enhance the LEGO minifigure experience, specifically within the areas of storage and care. LEGO is among the most popular toys of its generation, and has a tremendous following with all age groups. We are all LEGO lovers since our birth, and its what keeps us driven to bringing you high quality, low-priced LEGO. Today, people who tap into their creative abilities are bonding over collective experiences and that is what motivates them, fulfills them, and inspires others. In the end it makes for a stronger community, or in the case of Minizfigs.com, a customer oriented, well driven company.
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