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Really enjoyed my lego when i was younger. Sold off a load of my other old toys from when i was younger (i hesitate to class lego as a toy). Always aspired that one day i'd have a lego loft. Unlike the stereotypical retired hobby or model trains i'd have a lego layout. Some distance from retirement and not entirely convinced i'll live long enough, so enjoying it all again now to be on the safe side ;) I find retail lego ridiculously expensive these days and even the 2nd hand stuff seems to be sold for a fortune on auction sites and similar offline venues, so i tend to make use of spare bricks and have enjoyed using BL for the extra parts and specifics. I only check the odd forum post on here mostly just check the sales section for vouchers/sales etc. I went through all my sets and started selling off the ones which didn't fit with anything wanted for future. I'd only really been interested in the city/town stuff for a layout, as they are as world-realistic as lego could be. That said i am a big Star Wars fan and have recently started picking up a few of those items. With things as they are now i'm selling a few of the larger city/town items and some of my spares as well, to regain some space and also to help fund the parts i do need. Looking to have a smaller but more specific set of buildings. Thus i have started adding inventory on here. Matt
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