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As our username suggests, we are lifelong fans of LEGO. After years of prep work, we decided to launch Brick2theFuture on July 13, 2018. Today, we are doing our best to give you the fairest quantity value and the largest selection which is possible without compromising on the service end. We are one of BrickLink's quality-control specialists. Taking all of our parts from sealed sets, our ideology is simply not to offer questionable parts. We don't sell customs, or "Brickarms" but occasionally you will find an unusual factory variation or error brick, properly defined. What you will not find are any LEGO elements which are not clean, pristine, and supreme! And the reason for that is simple: you're the collector, and if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here. Well yes we would, but just without that second green square.

Being a somewhat expansive and highly efficient LEGO parts distribution service, our business incurs "un-negligible" operational costs each year. Thanks to the community's enthusiasm for our service, we can wage our dedicated part-time Pros enough to tread water here, in sunny SoCal--where living expenses are not always the lowest. Thanks to you, however, we can and will keep up our state-of-the-art LEGO hang out facility--a neat sorting and processing retreat, within a remarkable 2200sq.ft. business center--one complete with luxurious amenities such as a coffee maker and LEGO chess table. We show up to play LEGO chess, er, I mean, to go to work for you! Really, at the end of the day, it's all about that brick, and it's all about our customers who value that brick. In fact, this isn't work at all, this is just what we love to do! And chess.

Don't forget to please let us know if you need anything--our highly-trained and passionate specialists are always on hand, and are more than capable of meeting your AFOL requirements, as well as understanding your concerns. So, contact us if anything is not perfect with your order once it arrives, or if you have any general questions or comments. Whatever the reason, we'd love to hear from you!

And that's about all there is to say. We don't want to boast or brag, we just want to be the best--striving to take care of our global outpost for parts and pieces--a specialty parts distribution service unlike any other. Our customers are our family, too. We show up each weekday to satisfy all those people with their passion projects, all those prototype designers, innovators, inventors, and all the builders of the future. We're here for the collectors for whom "ok" quality is just not enough, because, as collectors ourselves, we weren't always happy with the service we were receiving, and thought hey, why not do it the way we would want it to be done. Your support today will help us grow out our leaves taller, and broader--so that we can be your Brick2theFuture, IN the future. Fan us, follow us on Instagram, and stay tuned :)


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