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About Us: We are a family of Brick fanatics and spend our time in the hobby building, collecting, and displaying sets. All of the sets we sell are 100% complete. We have spent countless hours building them for functionality and quality. We are all about quality and not quantity. The sets we sell are either Used (Parts bags are open and box is open and includes instructions) or are New (Box is open, but all parts bags are sealed, and instructions are included or sealed never opened). All of the USED sets we sell either have been inventoried for completeness, and or built to validate the functionality of Movable (Motors and Pneumatic) parts. Our prices are based upon the popularity and rarity of the set. If any set that we sell is missing a part we will be glad to send the missing part at no charge. We try our best to NOT sell parts sets, but to only sell complete sets, but from time to time we will sell a part’s set as some older sets are rare and parts for that particular set are expensive and are not cost effective for us to invest our time and effort unless it is a special request for that particular set. If you are looking for a specific set we can help you out (depending on upon parts availability and rarity) we can get you the set of your dreams. We would like to be your number one source for Lego parts and sets. We have new stuff coming in all the time and have been collecting since 1982. We are 100% fair and want to treat our customers as a part of our Brick family.
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