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I got my first Lego set at approximately the age of 3, and up until I was about 7 I didn't really care for Lego. Now I absolutely love it. My first Dark Age was when I got my X-box 360(around 10 years ago, now), which I had loved much more than anything else.I have now sold most of my video games for Lego money. My first real set(as in not just brick tubs) was the Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack, set #7655. To me, it was such a big set. I am now the proud owner of 60 square feet of plastic city-ness, including houses, lights, and even dog poo, as well as a Star Wars Clone Army, Creator collection, and even a minis collection. I am willing to trade parts, sets, and minifigs if you have a good deal. Thanks for the GREEN brick everyone!! :D
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