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Since a young age, I have loved Star Wars. That love is not wasted on other media such as video games or Lego. My first set was the original Snowspeeder for my birthday in 1999 and later that year for Christmas I got the X-Wing. I have always rooted for the Rebels and if I could, my walls would be decorated with Incom Corp. posters and displays. The last Lego set I bought was 2005 or so. As I got older I was disillusioned with the new designs and how silly they looked. They also got more and more expensive so I was not able to afford new sets. Over the years the sets got better and more accurate but still something was off. The newer Snowspeeders always had the pilots pushed way back with their heads butting together and nearly touching the canopy. X-Wings kept using this rubber band tension system that looked off or had odd landing gear. I felt that I would be disappointed with the new sets if I got back into building again. All that changed when I saw videos from Brick Vault and their custom builds. I never would have imagined sets looking that accurate or realistic as a kid. After saturating myself with similar MOC videos, I convinced myself it was time to build again. So here I am.
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