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My name is Hélène and I like lego... Sounds like admitting to being an addict or something, which we all are I suposed ;) Me and my husband have always like doing legos, being mainly into Technic. We rediscovered lego on an all new front when we bought our first mix lot. It was a small lot, with less than a dozen sets mixed together. But wow! that thing is so addictive. We ended up loving it and buying more lego of all kind. It gave us the pleasure to enjoy some sets we would have never enjoyed otherwise (discontinued products, rare sets, etc.). So we started buying on bricklink to complete some sets and decided to start selling to. After all, we can't keep them all. So we give some deals to happy customers, we enjoy our lego and end up runing a small business (which I actually love doing, surprisingly). Know that we'll always do our best to satisfy our clients and don't hesitate to ask question or tell us if anything is wrong. For our French customers, we do speak french, being French Canadians ;) P.S.: If you're wondering about the name of our store, we're in the maple syrup industry, so we do know sweetness.
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