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I used to live in Quebec, I wanted to move to the West Coast (BC) to be closer to my sister; being self-employed, a pro session bass player and producer, I had a lot of important things to move aside my Lego collection, it ended up it was way too expensive to move.

So, I sold it ...in 2000 as a whole to a guy in Connecticut... 446 sets, close to 100 000 parts. I don't have regrets about anything in my life but for this; my stomach always turns when I think about that old collection or browse through the inventory I kept of it. Stupid things we do, this collection was irreplaceable even then. Oh! the Trains, and all those Castles and Classic Space...

But one’s a Lego addict forever, I started collecting again, this time, not only sets, with the help of the Bricklink network among other places, I also stock up on parts! Although my old LEGO collection can't be (and never will be) replaced, since February 06 I got 160 new and used sets and many, many other parts! My stomach feels a little better now when I look at that old inventory as the new one slowly grows! Lots to be said about doing things right!

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