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Hello, My name is Richard, father of two young boys. I started buying and stock piling Lego when my boys were both quite young. My thinking was that I wouldn't be able to get currently available sets when they're old enough to play with them, Around the same time, my nephew gave me back my old Lego sets (he was entering into his dark ages as i was leaving mine). These older sets were pretty much all the 1979 Classic Space line. As there were plenty of pieces missing, I was having a hard time completing the sets until I found Bricklink. Currently I enjoy collecting minifigs and sets for both myself, and my sons, and MOC mostly space, and space architecture for our minifigs. I'm a stay at home dad, part time professor at the local college, and live in a small village outside Ottawa, Canada. Thanks for clicking and finding out a little more... about me. Richard
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