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Trivia questions for 10% of your next order.

Billy is not not a rebel.
Billy is a mechanic.
Billy's friend wants to be a mechanic.
All of Billy's friends are mechanics

Therefor we can conclude that (choose one):
A) Billy is not a rebel.
B) Billy is a rebel.
C) Billy's friend is not a mechanic.
D) We don't know enough about Billy

Second chance:
Car 1 leaves point A at 20mph and returns to point A at the same speed
Car 2 leaves point A at 10mph and returns to point A at 30mph traveling the same path as car 1

Which is true:

A) Car 1 arrives first
B) Car 2 arrives first
C) Both cars tie
D) it is not able to be ascertained

Plus! this one
Who is it in my Avatar and how tall is it?

How tall within 8"

This one is just for fun but if you get it correct who cares right? Just email me the answer and I will send you a coupon,

Coupon not valid on sale items or minifigs.
Only one coupon per customer
Have fun with this ;)
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