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Many, many years ago my childhood was played out in thousands of worlds and adventures created within the LEGO ® universe, never was there a planet too far or jungle too deep for me and my creations to explore. Back then, in the time before minifigs, my characters were a simple stack of three 1x2 bricks (hey, they worked for me, and if ever you wanted one to sit one down you just pushed the top two bricks back one row into a seated position). Things really took off when, for Christmas one year, I was given the brand new Rescue Helicopter (#770) with real-people characters! (they hadn't yet progressed to movable arms or feet... or faces!, but they worked for me just fine too).

As time passed I eventually left the "deepwoods" of rural Nova Scotia to pursue an adventure in softrock geology and CuPbZn exploration geophysics (that's "copper-lead-zinc" to real-folk). That wasn't much fun... a few years of feeding blackflys in the summer heat and stumbling over clearcuts in the dead of winter sent me into the cushy airconditioned offices of big city Ontario , where I am today.

As the Head of Network Operations for a fairly large federal government department, I spend my day-to-day real life watching thousands of flashing led lights and listening to the wurr of multi-million dollar network computers and SAN boxes on the very bleeding-edge of high-tech computer technology...

I suppose the simple times & adventures past has brought me back to the Lego I had always loved as a child... what could be more a contrast for the off hours then sitting knee-deep in the most basic of imagineering components, LEGO ® building bricks (little did I know how much had changed since the late sixties)

It's a welcome new hobby for me now and an opportunity to ensure many of the parts & pieces I never had make their way around the world and into someone else's universal adventures.

Ya gotta grow older, ya never hafta grow up!

Thanks for stopping by!
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