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Hi, I'm Cobweb, a writer and general weirdo based in West Yorkshire. I've been a fan of Lego for most of my life - my first set was given to me at age 3 though I don't quite remember the event (not because it was eek! years ago, at all). I share my space with a fellow weirdo who refuses to 'grow up', too many computers/sundry old tech, and a wall of books.

My parents got me into Lego with Universal Building Sets to begin with, then some of the early Classic Space sets. Through the 80's I was bought various Space sets by family members until I guess they decreed I was 'too old'. Like there is any such thing as being too old for Lego :-) (The Blacktron themes became instant classics in my eyes and I still aim to collect some of the sets I never got).

There followed a bit of a hiatus during the 90's when I actually acquired very little but come the new millennium and I started to get back into it with a vengeance - mostly Star Wars sets, interesting Designer sets and the odd bit of Technic. These days I tend to do a lot more buildings. I never had enough ordinary bricks and stuff to do interesting houses and such as a kid but, after getting the first Modular Building as a source of parts, I discovered just how much fun there is to be had making shops and cafẻs and apartments and so on. My overall collection is now in a constant state of growth and allows me to build the sorts of projects I could only dream of as a child - large, complicated and with actual colour schemes! Now I tend to find that space on the table in my lair is the limiting factor :D

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