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It ain't much but I call it (a) home (page)... Blues Brothers ... a bit altered.

I'm CeZeTlego from Holland. I was born in 1968 and got my first lego when I was 4 years old. It was the black taxi (605-2) which I still have.  I've been playing with lego till I was about 12 years old, after that I had some other interests. But in 2003 I saw the new oriental sets.. specially the balloon and since that time I'm collecting lego again.

I don't make my own (large) creations at the moment. The only thing I've made is a drawing of my own house with Ldraw (great piece of software.. I recomend it). I buy old collections of Lego and I try to build the original sets from those.

I think I still have to get used with all the new bricks and colors of Lego. I wonder if it is possible for lets say a ten-years-old to build the same why I did when I was that age. Personally I hate all that crap like 4 Juniors, Harry Potter, Alian-underwater-nauts and so on. Most of those sets I want to sell after I've build them.

My latest project is the renovation of my old western town (365). I've re-drawn the old stickers for it to make it complete. They aren't a 100% copy yet, but it's oke for the moment. If someone has a good scan of the originals I'm interested. I still have some problems with the outlines of the sheriff's office and the bank and the colors can be better aswell I think.




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