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Hello everyone! Bricks NW NW was set up in January of 2018 by me (Callum) and my grandad (Steve). My obsession with Lego came when I was 5 when I got the Police Headquarters (set 7744). Around a year later I had built up a small collection of sets so Steve asked me if I would be interested in making a short film centred around Lego however not long after we started making it we decided to scrap the idea until I was a bit older. We ended up picking up the idea again in 2016 but we realised that some sets were incomplete and other sets would be great to add to scenes so we searched eBay for different sets and saw that there was a market for Lego sets, so we gave it some thought and instead of making a short film we decided to start selling built up sets on eBay but we weren't sure if sets were complete or not so we needed a parts list. This is where BrickLink started to aid us with selling. After further investigation, we discovered that BrickLink was a selling website. It took months of weighing the ups and downs of switching selling platforms but in the end we decided that moving to BrickLink would be the best way of progressing as a hobby shop. We went into BrickLink with possibly 100,000s of pieces to start up with and we are constantly adding to it! Thanks for reading. Hopefully you can spare some time to have a look at our stock and maybe even place an order.
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