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Brickbeast is the customer service name for my STACKED Bricklink store. The dragon’s name is simply Broken Dragon, or just Broke if you know him well. Broken Dragon is STACKED’s mascot, since I can’t sell him since he lost part of his ear.

In addition to being my mascot, Broke is a dragon model featured in issues of BRICK AND FANGS; YOUR CASTLE, MY CASTLE, and GOLD COIN TREASURE. He has appeared on “Latenight with Dave Brickman; 60 Studs; and You Missing Brick?.” If a STACKED customer writes ‘Say Hi to Broken Dragon’ when purchasing $5 or more in bricks from STACKED, the customer is entitled to a free brick from Broken Dragon’s Lego treasure. The note must accompany the order. (The part will not significantly increase package weight.)

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