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I'm an AFOL, started collecting Lego in the 1980s, and became more serious about it in the 2010s. My favorite Lego themes are the Fututron/Blacktron/Space Police. I'm here to reacquire some of the older sets I lost in my youth, as well as sell off extras, and hopefully help other collectors. Most of what I'm selling has been well cared-for, with, at worst, some light play wear. Most sets are 100% checked, in good or better condition. My store name comes from those ambiguous accessories... Let's be real. You know those weren't video cameras or loudspeakers Blacktron was pointing. They're laser guns! ;) I recently took on a friend's collection, to sort through and sell their old sets in my spare time. These will mainly be from 1980s-1990s. Most are well cared for, with instructions in good condition, but no boxes.
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