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Hi there, my name is Brett. I had been cruising around Bricklink as a lurker for about 9 months after getting into Star Wars Lego about 12 months ago. I registered in September / 09 after seeing a great deal on a UCS ISD. I have about 40 of the Star Wars sets so far and have a dedicated toy room in my home for carded modern figures on one wall, Star Wars Lego in the centre and my vintage figures/ vehicles on the other wall. I can proudly say I know how many Kenner Death Stars are needed to make a full circle because I have 12 of them. I also have 240 (loose) vintage stormtroopers. While I new to brinklink, I have 495 positive feedback on 'some other site' that will remain nameless :) (My user name there is the same one as here, you can look me up) Thanks and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Brett
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