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An AFOL into LEGO for essentially the first time. In my pre/early-teen years, metal erector sets and plastic models of all sort were my thing -- before the LEGO 70-80s expansion began. LEGO is a lot of fun with increasingly complex and interesting builds. For me, it's not about the play or even long-term display of completed models or sets. Minifigs supplement the build, but are not a personal focus. I love the actual build and even disassembly for a possible re-build again some day, each time appreciating how the designers translated whatever it is into LEGO -- the characters, environment, architecture, and engineering. Presently focused on Star Wars (Star Trek too, if LEGO ever creates UCS-quality sets), as well as a few more complex Disney and iconic movie franchises. Mindstorms may be a future pursuit to appease my geekie, computer and past architectural/engineering interests. MOCs, well, time will tell!
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