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I have been a LEGO collector and builder since childhood (early 90's). I enjoy too many themes to list them all, but I'm especialy partial to 90's era Castle, Pirates, and Space sets. My first LEGO set was Black Monarch's Castle. I'm also a fan of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Monster Fighter's, and Creator Expert (especially modular buildings and Winter Village sets).

Now I am enjoying teaching my son Ben (age 5) how to build LEGO. He has helped follow instructions from some 5+ sets, plus has a large assortment of pieces from LEGO Classic sets. Ben has also hoarded most of my brick separators and 2 x 2 corner bricks...we also have several LEGO trains that run all over our bedroom and hallway, for lack of anywhere better to put them. We need a bigger house!

Speaking of needing a bigger house, I have pulled together the parts (& purchased instructions from the creators) for several large Star Wars MOC's I've come across on Rebrickable, but have been too busy with my day job and the Bricklink store to build most of them yet. Very recently I came across the design on Rebrickable for a 19,300 piece extension of the Hogwarts Castle set #71043. I've acquired almost all the parts, but it's a toss up whether to build this or the Cavegod Sandcrawler first.

Ben, age 3 or so, around when we first started selling on Bricklink. The store setup has changed and grown significantly since then, and Ben is growing up too. See our Facebook Page for more recent photos and updates!
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