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Hello there,

My real name is Erik and I'm a 40+ year old fan of LEGO® (AFOL) from the Netherlands.
I made up my username 'Bengh Zeran', inspired by my favorite LEGO® themes, Space and Star Wars.

I started as an online buyer over a decade ago -when BrickLink was actually called Brickbay- and after a few years I opened a small store here to occassionally sell some of my LEGO sets and parts, only to re-invest it in other LEGO sets and parts.

I cherish my LEGO collection which I have proudly build up over the past 3 decades and I could never really sell all of it. But life constantly changes and with the choices one makes come the consequences. I have come to grips (they had to drag me to it actually) and now must admit I have too many LEGO sets and parts which take up too much room in our house! Well, since I won't stop collecting LEGO untill the day I die or The LEGO Company ceases to exist, I decided to sell surplus parts and part of my collection from time to time, only to replace it with newer LEGO sets!

The good thing about selling part of my LEGO collection is selling it here, through BrickLink, because I know from well over a decade of personal experience that BrickLink is still the best place to find my LEGO a new home; where people appreciate the quality, the value & the service and where they care for and about LEGO just as much as I do!

Other LEGO® websites I like to visit are Brickshelf, Peeron, FBTB, Eurobricks, fan made pages and last but not least the official LEGO website.

Besides that I'm also a long time registered member of Lowlug, Brickset and Lugnet

Thanks for reading and have fun with your LEGO® bricks and sets!

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