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My name is Brooke. My LEGO origins start with Architecture themed sets. The Architecture sets I saw it as the more ‘adult’ of the themes- something I was ‘allowed’ to build. As I got further and further into LEGO I discovered the community of AFOLs and realised the LEGO world is much larger than I first knew. Now LEGO openly markets to Adults, and I've bought sets of many different themes.

As my interest in LEGO grew, I purchased a number of bulk lots to 'build up my collection', but realised I didn't need quite as many as I had acquired and so I sold some of the sets - initially on eBay. That led me to starting a BrickLink store and I now sell new and used LEGO here.

Now I've started selling I've discovered that I really enjoy picking and packing orders. I really love parting out new LEGO sets and seeing all the different piece. I thought the novelty would wear off by now and I'd just passively receive orders and let it run its course, but now, I'm addicted! Even after having some teething issues (“That brick *is* light grey, right?”) and a few hits and misses with inventory storage solutions, I can safely say running a BrickLink store is one of my favourite things in the world and a hobby that I take great pride in.

If you have any questions or queries, I'm pretty active on BrickLink and will usually respond within 8 hours, but will definitely get back to you within 24 hours.

Je ne parle pas d'autres langues, mais j'utiliserai google pour mal traduire.
No hablo otros idiomas, pero usaré Google para traducir mal
Ich spreche keine anderen Sprachen, aber ich werde Google verwenden, um schlecht zu übersetzen
أنا لا أتحدث أي لغة أخرى ، لكنني سأستخدم جوجل للترجمة بشكل سيء
Non parlo altre lingue, ma userò google per tradurre male.
Δεν μιλώ καμία άλλη γλώσσα, αλλά θα χρησιμοποιήσω το google για να μεταφράσω άσχημα.
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