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I've never stopped loving lego (even if I haven't always been able to buy it).

My favourite themes are:

I particularly like the early days of castle lego, my favourite factions being the Black Falcons, the chaps known variously as Lion Knights or Crusaders, the Forestmen and the Wolfpack. I'm also very keen on the Fantasy Era, and pretty happy with Kingdoms, especially the peasant sets! A few bits and pieces from Nexo Knights have also found their way into my Castle collection.

Blacktron I is far and away my favourite space theme, though I have woefully little of it. I also love the classic/late classic space sets.

Ninja! Dragons! Vehicles! Tea! Mechs! Buildings! More snakes than you can shake a sacred flute at! I'm not sure quite why it is that I love Ninjago, but I do.

Star Wars
I'm mostly just trying to work on my collection of minifigs for Star Wars at the moment - whilst I'd certainly like to get more of the sets, I simply don't have the space or money for them.

Other themes of interest include Town/City, Train, Ninja (regular), Pirates (regular and of the Caribbean), Elves, Tolkien, Harry Potter, Marvel Super Heroes, and the collectible Minifigs. I've also been known to pick up the odd Dimensions figure.

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