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Hi there! My name is Arnold and I go by the username of Alico64. I'm a Lego enthusiast myself, and an entrepreneur as well. Although I own a Bricklink store (Crea-toys.nl.), it's still a hobby next to my full time job as an Operational/ERP consultant for a pharmaceutical company. I must admit though, that it would be great to make a living from buying and selling Lego!

I collect Speed Champions, modulars and the occasional vehicles from the Expert series. I do fancy some other themes, but sometimes you have to stick to a small selection of themes, in order to keep it fun for your wallet too!

I'm not really gifted with any artistic skills, which is why I haven't really gotten into MOCs just yet. I am building a Lego City and have some ideas for a dragrace event on the airport and a complete Gold Rush inspired MOC too, which I'm procrastinating to start working on.

Profit from my store will go back into the store, and I try to keep the price low, as I enjoy the order picking process and the sourcing of new sets to part out. Feel free to check out my Instagram account too, where I try to post on a weekly base!

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