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As of fall 2022 I have been selling legos for about 15 years in some fashion or another, I started out on eBay putting together sets, so I bought a lot parts on bricklink. In doing that I learned what I did not like about the orders I received. Here is what you can expect from my store Chamber of Parts, this store is my only job I work full time and more I love doing it, I will do my best to give you the best parts I can find but colors do get confusing sometime if it is not right let me know, I recycle everything I can, used shipping, plastic bags, paper, and the damaged legos are usually donated. I tend to over pack items especially the parts that can scratch easy, sorry before hand it might take awhile to unpack. I do my best to ship out the next day and try to always add the tracking to the order page. I love my job and I hope it shows, Thank You for your orders!
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