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I have been buying Lego items since 1984, never thought about selling any, now I need to get rid of alot of what I have collected. Mostly I need to do this because I need the room and don't use alot of the parts and pieces I have collected. I want to keep things reasonable but I can't give things away. Everything I offer is used but is in excellent condition. Even new parts for the most part are marked used just so I keep the number of entry's down. I have allot of parts that I just can't get the time to put into my store. I welcome any and all inquiries. I check my email several times a day and before I go to bed. I pull orders when I receive an email so I know I have the parts ready before I send the invoice, if I have any problems I will email you first. Mail pick up is usually around 11:30 AM, so if I get payment before 10 AM the order should go out that day. Drive thru messages are sent after mail is picked up. Cliff Reusch
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