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Lot ID: 146937885  Set No: 7860  Name: Remote Controlled Signal 12v
7860 Remote Controlled Signal 12v
Includes instructions (9/10). See extended description for more information and missing parts. Priced accordingly. Can contain discolored items. Ask for pictures. Tested & works.
Items For Sale: SetsTrainSupplemental12V: 7860-1
Loc: Netherlands, Min Buy: None
NetherlandsBricks (590)
Qty: 1
Each: ~US $69.60
(EUR 58.50)

Original Price: EUR 65.00


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Extended Description
Because of the item's price, we will upgrade your parcel shipping to include insurance, for free. Some parts can be discolored. Missing items: - 1x Light Gray Bracket 2 x 3 - 1 x 3 (Train Signal Stand) (4169) - 1x Light Gray Support 1 x 16 Lattice (Train Signal Mast) (4168) Replaced item: One of the 190 stud electric cables has been replaced by a shorter one. (Slightly) damaged items: - All 4 of the Dark Gray Train, Track Sleeper Plate 2 x 8 without Cable Grooves (767) have a broken clip, but are still very usable.
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