Catalog Change Request

If you spot incorrect information in a catalog item, the way to correct it is to Fill out a Catalog Change Request. This form only allows for certain types of changes. Post requests to make changes which cannot be accomplished through this form to the Catalog Requests discussion group.

To submit a request, enter the item number of the item to change, check the checkbox by the fields you want to change and enter the new information. Once you submitted a request, it is pending review and (approval or rejection) from an administrator. On the bottom of the Catalog Change Request page, you can view or delete your requests. Each request has a status:

- Request is pending approval from catalog administrator.
- Request has been completed.
- Request has been denied.
- Update has been done directly by a catalog administrator without going through the form.

  • You can't submit additional changes to the same item if a request to change the same item is pending approval.
  • You can't update an item if the new information to update is the same as existing information.
  • You can't change item number to an item number that already exists in the catalog under the same item type.
Change Log:
Changes to the reference catalog are logged in the Catalog Change Log.

There are 2 ways through which information in the catalog can be changed:

  • Catalog Change Request - any registered member can submit a change request to change information in the reference catalog. These changes are submitted for approval to the catalog administration.
  • Changes made by Catalog Administrators directly - the catalog administrators have access to special pages and areas to make changes to information in the catalog directly.
Not all changes to the catalog are logged. Changes to items pending approval (not yet approved by a Catalog Administrator) are not logged. This page lists all changes which are logged.
Changes Logged:
All changes made through the Catalog Change Request Form:
  • Item Category Change
  • Item Dimensions Change
  • Item Has Instructions (Yes or No) Flag Change
  • Item Name Change
  • Item Number Change
  • Item is Marked for Deletion (Yes or No) Flag Change
  • Item Weight Change
  • Item Year Change
The following changes made by Catalog Administrators directly:
  • Item Category Change
  • Item Number Change
  • Item Type Change
  • Item Merge

  • Category Name Change
  • Category Merge

  • Color Name Change
  • Color Merge

  • Xref Move
Xref Move:
Moving Xref Items means moving items cross-referenced to a catalog item to another catalog item and/or another color within the same catalog item. The crossed-referenced items are:
  • Items For Sale
  • Items Sold (also included in Price Guide)
  • Items in Shopping Cart
  • Items Wanted
  • Items saved in Favorite Searches
  • Order Item Removal Request Items