Easy Buy

Easy Buy is a convenient shopping tool for buyers that automatically fills carts to purchase all items in a Wanted List with just a few clicks. Easy Buy finds an optimal combination of BrickLink stores by comparing item prices and estimated shipping fees to minimize the total price of orders.
How is Easy Buy different from Wanted List Auto-select?
You can achieve the same results with the Wanted List Auto-select feature, but Easy Buy allows you to jump directly to the final step of the store-finding process by skipping all the steps and options to choose stores.
How does Easy Buy estimate shipping fees?
For both Easy Buy and Wanted List Auto-select, estimated shipping fees are calculated based on the recent six-month average shipping price between seller and buyer countries. Estimated shipping fees are used for calculation, but the fees are not shown to members.
How does Easy Buy deal with minimum buy and/or bulk lot restrictions of each store?
Stores with minimum buy or bulk lot restrictions might be selected if they are the best stores after consideration of all restrictions. If a store has these restrictions, you may need to add extra quantities of some items or more items to your cart before checkout.