The list of updates below are each given a status.
status means that it has been reported and assigned priority to be resolved.
In progress
status means that a developer has been assigned and work is in progress.
means that the work is finished and will be applied to the live site with the next release.
Please note that listings are not necessarily in order of priority.
  • 2020-02-05
  • 2020-01-22
  • 2019-12-17
  • 2019-12-13
  • 2019-11-01
  • 2019-10-16
  • 2019-10-02
  • 2019-09-19
  • 2019-09-09
  • 2019-08-14
  • 2019-07-15
  • 2019-06-24
  • 2019-05-31
  • 2019-05-10
  • 2019-05-01
  • 2019-04-09
  • 2019-03-26
  • 2019-03-15
  • 2019-03-07
  • 2019-02-21
  • 2019-02-14
  • 2019-02-07
  • 2019-01-14
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed tiered pricing "black tag" not showing on items for sale page
  • Fixed email verification success page showing a different name when the page has been refreshed after a long period of time
  • Resolved increased occurrence of PayPal API error during checkout
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed null error message displaying during checkout for batch orders using expired coupon
  • Fixed "Create account" button not redirecting properly on storefront for non-logged in users
  • Fixed macro tag links not working for sets with suffixes
  • Fixed favicon not showing on old pages
  • Fixed distorted images on Studio Gallery
  • Fixed password change form on Account Info page to accept certain special characters
  • Improved relevancy of search results in Studio Gallery
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Connect with PayPal" button on Buyer to Seller Upgrade page not working
  • Fixed footer section not sticking to the bottom of the page on some pages
  • Fixed "General Error" bug when accessing catalog on iPhone devices
  • Fixed marketing email popup persisting on catalog pages
New Features
  • Implemented deactivation/reactivation process for inactive users
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed items not showing up in catalog/storefront search when its alt. no. field contains spaces
  • Fixed custom Modulex items added to store inventory in Mx- colors displaying an error message
  • Removed "Your seller(s) will be notified" message from the Change Address form
  • Removed ADP shipping notification message from the Change Address form
  • Fixed storefront logo getting replaced by default image when visiting/leaving a v3 page
  • Fixed no error message displaying when trying to register with a password that contains non-US keyboard standard symbols
  • Fixed links not working on color macros
  • Fixed new users not being able to verify their email if they registered with an email alias
  • Fixed "An error occurred" message displaying in the Price Guide for item 3037 in Trans-Clear
  • Fixed user being redirected to wrong page when logging out on a Catalog Item Inv. page
  • Fixed user being able to change password to include invalid symbols through Account Info page
  • Fixed PayPal error when passing orders paid with Hungarian Forint (HUF) which contain decimal values
  • Fixed items being added to the Wanted List twice when parting out a set with extra parts
  • Fixed country name being displayed first when viewing the designers profile in Studio Gallery
  • Fixed blank page displaying when trying to access the Design Edit page for older Studio designs (before November 2016)
  • Fixed store fee paid via Stripe not restoring store privilege automatically
  • [Admin] Fixed Item Type change not working with lower case
  • Changed "Display-only" setting for Studio Gallery to hide Parts List, Add to WL, Easy Buy, and Download for "Display-only" designs
  • Added "Add Row / Remove Row" buttons to the Inv Change Request form
New Features
  • Updated Terms of Service/Cookies Policy
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed anchor "To Top" link not working on Chromium-based browsers on the storefront page
  • Fixed shipping method destination link not displaying Edit Zone modal when clicked
  • Added ability for users to download their .io files without publishing creations on Studio Gallery
New Features
  • Added AFOL Designer Program tab to Studio Gallery
  • Added award badges for ADP participants to display in Studio Gallery and Studio Forum
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sort order on catalog search page
  • Fixed items in store inventory with no color attribute (i.e. Sets, Minifigs) being affected when updating "Not Applicable" items filtered By Color
  • Upgrade macro tags to include color
  • Reconstructed log for PCC credits page
  • Added privacy settings to My Contact Settings page
  • Added Opt-in/Opt-out of marketing emails when registering a new account
  • Added "Empty Box" tag to Original Box type items in Global Cart
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed rounding display error in VAT total on Order Detail page
  • Fixed "Pay" button for manually invoiced orders not working on Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed dropdown menu items not clickable on Safari for iPad devices running iOS 13
  • Fixed store inventory not updating correctly when leaving Stripe before transaction is complete
  • Added upload feature for §22f UStG documentation (German sellers)
  • Added CAPTCHA verification to About Me and ID Card pages
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed email templates for Automatic Invoices showing incorrect VAT totals if order includes discounts
  • Fixed an incorrect sort order on the catalog search page
  • Fixed PCC contribution list redirecting to the main catalog page when contributor's username is clicked
  • Greek VAT rate changed from 23% to 24%
  • Text changes to storefront message displayed to stoplisted users
  • Added a "Lot Limit" feature to store settings page - seller can set a limit for the number of individual lots that buyer can check out
  • Updated images for BrickLink logos/store badges
Bug Fixes
  • Order ID is not created for Instant Checkout orders using Stripe payment method
  • Green banner notification on Classic pages displays incorrectly
  • Stuck on loading animation on seller's storefront until filter is selected
  • Stripe version update
Bug Fixes
  • Searching by Order ID returns broken page on "Search Wanted Lists" page
  • Page titles are missing from the catalog page
  • 500 error when trying to download bills as PDF
  • Updated restrictions for sanctioned countries
  • Stuck on loading animation on seller's storefront until filter is selected
  • Zoom-in function on catalog page not working correctly
  • [Admin] Autopopulate inventory feature not working
  • [Studio] Error adding to Wanted List via Studio
  • [Crowd Project] Designer performance graph update
Bug Fixes
  • Remove province section from Belgian addresses
  • Homepage gradient bug on Safari browser
  • Top navigation bar not working on Safari for Mac/iOS devices running v9.0 or earlier
  • Catalog search not working on Safari for Mac/iOS devices running v9.0 or earlier
  • Removed Crowd Project promotion from catalog search, MyBL, and My Orders
  • [Crowd Project] Added voting system & winning designs to About page
  • [Crowd Project] Post-sales UI tweaks
  • [Crowd Project] Removed Crowd Project promotion on catalog search, My BL, and My Orders
  • [Crowd Project] Updated FAQs
New Features
  • [Crowd Project] Updated support pages - Returns/Exchanges
  • [Crowd Project] Catalog entry pages added for ADP sets
Bug Fixes
  • Removed province field from Belgian addresses
  • [Studio Gallery] Parts list filter dropdown not working correctly on design detail page
  • [Studio Gallery] Search tags with hyphens not displaying in search results
  • [Crowd Project] Extra “City” field being added to shipping info for orders from SG, LU, and TR
  • [Crowd Project] EC_CROWDFUND_BACKORDERED error message when placing an order for a set that is not immediately available (backorder)
  • [Crowd Project] Unboxing landing page line wrap fix for IE browsers
  • Wanted List search performance tuning
  • Added ADP address change disclaimer on “Change My Name & Address” page
  • [Crowd Project] Update ADP performance page for designers
New Features
  • [Studio Gallery] Handling for creations using PartDesigner custom parts
  • [Crowd Project] Updated support pages - Missing Items form
Bug Fixes
  • [Crowd Project] Bug in IE where content in design card not aligned properly
  • [Crowd Project] Spacing adjustment for feedback landing page
  • [Studio Gallery] Updated gallery model view
  • [Crowd Project] Confirm Address email and landing page
  • [Crowd Project] Added email to indicate to users when order has arrived
  • [Crowd Project] Added email to indicate to users when they are off the waitlist
  • [Crowd Project] Make URLs clickable in comment section
New Features
  • [Studio Download] Download page for Studio PartDesigner
  • [Crowd Project] Added unboxing video to Crowd Project landing page & design detail page
Bug Fixes
  • [Crowd Project] FedEx tracking link fixed for international order emails
  • [Crowd Project] Text change in order confirmation email
  • [Crowd Project] Commercial invoice showing null when telephone field is empty
  • [Admin] Inventory change request form error when adding more than one line of changes
  • [Crowd Project] Added payment due notification banner
New Features
  • [Crowd Project] Support page
  • [Crowd Project] Feedback page
Bug Fixes
  • Wanted List notifications not being sent out properly for some sellers after adding inventory
  • 1 unread message notification in inbox even though there are no unread messages
  • [Admin] On Inventory Add/Change page, changing the Type will cause an error
  • [Crowd Project] Unrealized designs display below Waitlist orders instead of Pledges section
  • [Crowd Project] Removed placeholder text on ADP Return Policy
  • [Crowd Project] The titles for some ADP designs are incorrect
  • [Crowd Project] Checkout page displays incorrect State info
  • [Crowd Project] Content updates to About page
Bug Fixes
  • 500 error when user changes their address too many times
  • [Crowd Project] Text changes in design titles on front page
  • [Crowd Project] Text changes for video description on landing page
New Features
  • [Crowd Project] Box design reveal page
Bug Fixes
  • [v3] Top nav "Market" button shows old "Shop" text on v3 pages
  • [My Studio] Clicking "Preview building steps" right after uploading a creation leads to a broken page
  • [My Studio] When connection is slow, user can upload multiple files to My Studio
  • [Gallery] Easy Buy returns no results for most MOCs in gallery
  • [Gallery] Building Steps/3D View modal elements overlap each other on smaller screens
  • [Crowd Project] “Load more” button for comments not working
  • [Crowd Project] Changed title case for ADP set titles on homepage
  • [Admin] Changed ‘Catalog Administrator’ title to ‘Catalog Associate’
  • [My Studio] Changed link color for creation titles to blue
  • [My Studio] Modified .IO file parser to allow flexible items from Studio app
  • [Gallery] Retain search filters when navigating between pages in Gallery
  • [Gallery] Improve search UI in Gallery
  • [Gallery] Improve image loading in Gallery
  • [Crowd Project] Updated cross-sell images on catalog search results page
New Features
  • [My Studio] Added button loading state while file is being uploaded
  • [My Studio] Added Building Steps preview on My Studio design edit page
Bug Fixes
  • [v3] Text changes on login modal
  • [v3] Remove default error styling on Register (login modal) input fields
  • [v3] Increase login modal font size/spacing
  • [v3] Fix links for "Forgot password" and "Trouble logging in"
  • [v3] Tooltip for location on login not showing
  • [v3] Clicking outside of login modal doesn't close it
  • [Crowd Project] Add "US $" to Cross-sell search results
  • [Crowd Project] Cross-sell on dashboard's countdown timer is off
  • [Gallery] If subdomain is, gallery thumbnails don't work
  • [Gallery] Easy Buy returns no results for most MOCs in gallery
  • Remove default banner from landing page while Crowd Project banner is live
Bug Fixes
  • When uploading image to store inventory, uploading a large image will result in 500 error
  • Issues with the Alternate Item Number field
  • Some currencies that aren't supported by PayPal can be enabled by the seller
  • [Crowd Project] Social meta bug fix
  • [Studio Download] Added previous version download links in v3 changelog
  • [Studio pages] Broken link caused by typo (ADP -> Orders Placed page)
  • Add Auto Approval checkbox on catalog upload pages
  • Remove Item Type column from Inventory Upload page
  • Remove Item Type Field from Inventory Change Request form
  • [Crowd Project] Additional email templates
  • [Crowd Project] Added more videos to landing page
  • [Studio Gallery] Implement "Add parts to wanted list" button on Gallery design detail page
Bug Fixes
  • [Studio Download] Alignment tweak
  • [Studio pages] Fix to register page icon not being centered
  • [Crowd Project] Space to bottom of checkout for saved cards
  • [Crowd Project] Emails addresses have margin top and bottom
  • Link to show store terms in Order Details page
  • [Crowd Project] Add set name in the email title
  • [Admin] PCC download admin tool update
  • [Admin] Add Auto Approval checkbox on two upload pages
Bug Fixes
  • [Studio Gallery] Thumbnail scrollbar moves in ChromeKit browsers
  • [Studio Gallery] Designer name on Gallery unclickable
  • [Studio Gallery] Easy Buy doesn't work correctly when accessing Studio Gallery through redirected link
  • [Crowd Project] Modal overlay stays the same size on mobile when user zooms out
  • [Crowd Project] Error message "EC_INVALID_ADDRESS" displays for user with incomplete address
  • [MyStudio] Performance page shows "Invalid access"
  • [Studio Gallery] Disable update button when processing Add to Wanted List
  • [Studio Gallery] Changed Easy Buy recommendation item link
  • [Studio Gallery] Show login dialog when not logged in
  • [Crowd Project] Added slider on gallery card/zoom modal
  • [Studio Download] Show v3 download page
New Features
  • [AFOL Designer Program] Behind the scenes video
  • [AFOL Designer Program] Added Crowd FAQs
Bug Fixes
  • Adding and deleting images in the my studio model page makes browser freeze
  • My Studio model information page - Add Image bug
  • Unpublish button does not work in Edge browser
  • Monaco VAT rate not enabled by default
  • User ID pic doesn't show on any other tab besides Studio tab
New Features
  • Studio Gallery 3.0
  • My Studio 3.0
Bug Fixes
  • Action banner for onsite PayPal payment method still displays even after updating payment method
  • [MOCViewer] Cannot load a model with part 95646c01
  • Category items not showing on Color Search page
  • Easy Buy feature returning stores that don't fulfill minimum buy
  • Corrupted macro tags in Forum
  • Calendar for Items For Sale By Date Listed displays 500 error when filtering by seller username
  • Custom settings not working on Orders Received page
  • Add to Cart not working properly for users not logged in
  • Autofill inventory data not populating forms
  • Storefront display issue when one item category with existing items is merged into another
  • Blank column in category tree
  • Corrections for admin Hall of Fame
  • Style issue on catalogList page
  • Title of some catalogList pages show HTML tags
  • Add field for PCCs on inventory edit page
  • Search tool for sets with undetermined variants
  • Add fields on each line to easily add extras on inventory edit page
  • Add underlines to 32bit and 64bit on Studio 2.0 landing page
  • Open the printer-friendly version of the Store Fee page in a new window
  • Add translated buttons/warnings for German users
  • PayPal Marketplace support for MOCShop
  • Show icon when payment has "pending" inner capture status
  • Disable "Easy Buy" button when there are no items in Wanted List
  • Update 500 error page
  • Open social media links in the footer in new window
  • Add "My Cost" as an inventory sorting option
  • Adjustments to the Source Field on the Inventory Upload page
  • Add Alternate Item Number field for Books
  • Add "Marked for Deletion" flags for items on catalog list page
New Features
  • Crowd Project pages
  • Studio 2.0
Bug Fixes
Display size of Additional Images not able to be edited
Quote Accepted template doesn't display the correct values for tag
Discount % of S/H fees doesn't display correctly
Add sales tax field to order downloads
[Admin] 500 error on translated help categories page
Shipping methods using Courier API won't work if user specifies a 9 digit ZIP code (ZIP+4)
v2 Wanted List returns "null" when there are items with excessively large quantity in one or more lists
In progress
Long delay when receiving system-generated emails with certain mail services
In progress
Studio Gallery filters saved in user's cookies are not applied on initial page load
In progress
No max character limit for password field in v3 login modal
In progress
Clicking "Go Back" after leaving feedback on an order will bring up alert or redirect to broken page (Internet Explorer/Edge)
Text changes to the Inv Change Request form
Eliminate tricky form logic from the Inv Change Request form
Apply store coupons automatically
Allow sellers to enter a credit on instant checkout orders
Instant checkout icon on payment method
Add "Report" Link/Button to Forum Posts
Move the quote request button to step 1 of the checkout process
New Features
In progress
BrickLink XP (Mobile)