Discussion Forum

BrickLink encourages open communication between members of our community. We invite and encourage all members of the BrickLink community to use the discussion forum and post messages there.

Before you post a message, please make sure that you're posting in the correct topic. For example if you want to post a message that your store is having a sale, post in the Sales topic.

For a complete list of all topics and their charters, view the Discussion Forum Topics page.

Please select the correct topic for your post and post the message ONLY in that topic. Posting in more than one topic or excessively posting the same message is considered flooding and can result in being banned from the discussion forum.

  • Posting Messages - Post new messages on the Post New Message page. If you are replying to a message, the original message you are replying to is quoted with > to help readers of your message understand the context. HTML tags are automatically stripped. URLs are detected and made clickable.

  • Images - To attach an image to a message you are posting, click on the "browse" button to locate the image on your computer. You can upload up to 8 images per post. If a post includes more than 1 image, click on the thumbnails below the image to view the other images. To add multiple images to a post, clicking the "browse" button and selecting the file on your computer should auto-upload the image. If not, click the "preview" button to upload each image.

  • Changing Topic - On the bottom of each message you posted (in a green area) you have the option to move the message to another topic if you find later that another topic would be more suitable for your message. You can only move messages which you posted. The old and new topic along with the date moved and your username will show after you change the topic on the bottom of the message just above the option to move to another topic.

    If a topic is changed to "Suggestions" anytime after the initial post, it will not be treated in the system as a voteable suggestion. If you would like to make a post a suggestion, please start a new thread. Catalog Requests will not receive the proper attention if they are changed to those topics from other topics after the initial post. Changing the topic of a suggestion will also delete all votes associated with the suggestion.

  • Administrator Access - Administrators in certain positions have access to move any message in the forum. Click Here to see the list of administrators with this access.
Locking a Thread:
Discussions Forum moderators can lock a thread to prevent a heated debate from getting out of hand. This means that any messages in that thread cannot be replied to. A thread can be unlocked by a moderator at any time after it is locked.

It is possible to either lock a whole thread or a message in the thread and the string of messages continued from that message while leaving other messages in the thread unlocked.

Message Status:
There are some topics where the start of the thread message has a status. By posting a message in that group, you are submitting an action item (request) to an administrator to either complete it or reject it. In order to insure that the correct administrator sees your request, the first message in the thread must be posted under the correct topic. Replies in these groups do not have a status.

When an administrator changes a status, the old status, the new status and the status change date show in a grey area on the bottom of the message page. Here is what each status in each of the discussion groups that have a status represents:

  • Open - The request may or may have not been read by Administration.
  • Completed - The request has been completed.
  • Implemented - The suggestion has been implemented.
  • Discarded - The request has been denied or the message has been cancelled.
Note: Suggestions which will not be implemented are not marked as discarded. They are internally flagged as hidden from the suggestions which are still considered to be implemented.
My Favorite Suggestions:
You can vote on each suggestion whether or not you would like it to be implemented. There is no limit on how many suggestions you can have in your list. Suggestions you voted on show in your My Favorite Suggestions list. Voting helps the BrickLink Administration know what BrickLink members would and would not like to see implemented.

To vote on a suggestion, click on the "Yes" or "No" link next to "Vote" in the message header of a suggestion. The suggestion must have Open status to be able to add it to your list. Implemented suggestions are kept on your list until you remove them.

My Settings:
You can set up your default view of the Discussion Forum on the My Discussion Forum Settings page:
  • Hide messages in selected topics from view
  • Hide cancelled messages
  • Change your message view during browsing and searching the discussion forum to:
    • Compact - Subjects only
    • Brief - Brief summary of message
    • All - Whole message excluding poster's ID card
    • Full - Whole message including poster's ID card
  • Change text of quoted font and enable or disable colors in quoted text
  • Show full topic menu on bottom of Discussion Forum front page
  • Hide message tree when there are more than 50 messages in thread
  • Change the number of messages on the discussion forum front page
  • Ignore all messages posted by a specific member or ignore all threads started by a specific member.
Warning: By ignoring 1 or more users or topics or setting your default message view to "without replies", you will not see if there are new posts indicated by a yellow exclamation point in the "Forum" tab. Instead, a grey exclamation point will always show.