Modulex Colors

Modulex was originally released by LEGO and is not compatible with LEGO parts. The following are Modulex colors:

Modulex Color Modulex Color Name Similar To LEGO Color Modulex Color ID
Mx White White 1/31/80
Mx Light Bluish Gray Light Bluish Gray 32
Mx Light Gray Light Gray 2
Mx Charcoal Gray Dark Bluish Gray 40
Mx Tile Gray Dark Gray ?
Mx Black Black 3/81
Mx Tile Brown Dark Brown ?
Mx Terracotta Fabuland Brown 4
Mx Brown Dark Tan 9
Mx Buff Tan 5
Mx Red Rust 13
Mx Pink Red Salmon 33
Mx Orange Earth Orange 12
Mx Light Orange Light Orange 39
Mx Light Yellow Bright Light Yellow 35
Mx Ochre Yellow 6
Mx Lemon Medium Lime 15
Mx Pastel Green Lime 14
Mx Olive Green Sand Green 7
Mx Aqua Green Light Turquoise 34
Mx Teal Blue 8
Mx Tile Blue Blue ?
Mx Medium Blue Medium Blue 38
Mx Pastel Blue Maersk Blue 11
Mx Violet Sand Purple 37
Mx Pink Medium Dark Pink 16
Mx Clear Trans-Clear 0/10
Mx Foil Dark Gray Dark Gray 82
Mx Foil Light Gray Light Gray 83
Mx Foil Dark Green Dark Green 84
Mx Foil Light Green Light Green 85
Mx Foil Dark Blue Blue 86
Mx Foil Light Blue Light Blue 87
Mx Foil Violet Purple 88
Mx Foil Red Dark Red 89
Mx Foil Yellow 90
Mx Foil Orange Light Orange 91

Modulex colors are mutually exclusive with regular LEGO colors. When listing Modulex parts for sale, you can only list them in Modulex colors and regular LEGO parts can't be listed in Modulex colors. On the Sell Item screen step 2, click on "Show Modulex Colors" to expand the menu with Modulex colors.

Modulex Color Comparisons:
The following are comparisons of Modulex colors to regular LEGO colors: