Part and Color Combination Code (PCC Code)

Part and Color Combination Code (PCC Code or simply PCC) is BrickLink's name for the Element ID (or Material Number) used by the LEGO Group to identify a specific part in a specific color. PCCs can be found in the parts list in set instructions after 2007. This number is unique for a part and color combination and should not be confused with an item number, which is a unique number of the mold.

The same part in the same color can have up to 10 PCCs in the BrickLink system. These may be viewed on any catalog entry for parts by clicking the Color Images link in the vertical scrollbar to the left of the image display. It is also possible to search the catalog with a PCC number to locate the specific part and color combination.

To add or change a PCC use the Change Item form. Multiple PCCs for the same part and color combination can be entered by selecting a different sequential number. If a PCC already exists under that sequential number, then the addition will overwrite the existing PCC. To delete a PCC, leave the field blank and select the color and sequential number of the PCC to be deleted.