Part and Color Combination Code (PCC)

Newer instructions may indicate a 6 or 7 digit code next to parts. This is a unique code of a part and color combination and should not be confused with Item Number which is a unique number of the mold. It is possible that the same part in the same color has several different codes.

Codes can be viewed on the bottom of the small images page by clicking on the "View Small Images" link on the catalog detail page. It is also possible to search the catalog or items for sale on this number if the number is at least 6 digits long.

Adding or Changing a Code:

Codes can be added on the Catalog Change Request form. Enter the code and select the color. Multiple codes for the same part and color combination can be entered by selecting a different sequential number (which is an option next to the color menu on the form). If a code already exists under that sequential number then the addition will overwrite the existing code.

To delete a code, leave the code field blank and select the color and sequential number of the code to be deleted.