Store Shipping Preference

Sellers have the option of selecting where they want to ship in their Store Settings:
  • To all countries worldwide
  • To selected countries
This rule is enforced upon checkout. If a seller doesn't ship to the buyer's country then the buyer will not be able to submit an order in that store. Sellers who do not ship to a buyer's country are excluded from display in the buyer's wanted lists by default. Buyers will not receive any wanted notifications from a store which does not ship to the their country by default. You can override this option in your Wanted List Settings page.

Sellers can enter a shipping preference bypass password on their Store Settings page. If entered, sellers can allow buyers they choose to be able to buy from their store even if they do not ship to the buyer's country. The buyer enters the password on the checkout screen before submitting an order.

If you are logged in then an icon will appear by the store name in several areas of the site showing you whether or not the seller ships to your country (country of your shipping address you have on file):

- Seller ships to my country.

- Seller does not ship to my country.