Customized E-Mail Policy

There are several e-mails sent to the buyer that sellers can fully customize using Macro Tags. Below outlines rules that sellers must follow when customizing their e-mail.

(All Customized E-Mails):

  • No Additional Items for Sale - Sellers can not offer any additional items for sale.

Wanted List Notification E-Mail:

  • No Links outside of BrickLink - Sellers may not put any links to web pages that are outside of BrickLink.
  • No Contact Information - Sellers may not include a phone number, e-mail address or snail mail address. No other contact information leading to the purchase of the item(s) on the wanted list notification can be included. The only way to purchase the item has to be via a link provided in the WANTEDITEM macro tag.
Violation of this policy may result in suspension or termination of BrickLink membership.