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About me: Mother of 3 (yeah, I know the name says 2...but those were the only two who loved Lego at the time of the naming. :)) Update-to-the-Update: Well...It has been a wild ride. #1 is still married and now has a baby! #2 is married has 4 children (works quicker than #1! Actually my first 3 grandchildren arrived mostly grown, but I love them still the same!) and #3 is about to finish his first year of college. Let's just say I haven't updated this in a LONG time. Still love Lego. Still learning. :) Update: #1 has graduated from college and is now married, #2 has graduated from college and is working for his dream company, and #3 has finished the 8th grade...and has a very active social life :)

Anywho, I got involved with Lego because of the kiddos. I personally am a vintage Pirate fan and, of course, I am collecting the girl line in the Collectible minifig Series. I am NOT creative on my own...so far. This is an addendum to that: I collect the Friends line as well. Also...the Modulars. In other words...I am hooked :)

In my former life (before deciding to play with Lego full time), I was a Pastry Chef. That career came to an end ... I am gluten and dairy intolerant ... hence no tasting of the items I was making, which is not good for a pastry chef in my opinion. Maybe this is why child #3 is allergic to Wheat and Dairy (yep...the kind of allergy that gives him bumps all over and bad, horrible stomach pain...praise God, no anaphylactic reaction to date!) So for now, I bake for family and friends who need yummy gluten-free, dairy-free cakes, cookies, bread, etc.

Maybe someday when the kids are grown I will open my own Gluten-Free Dairy Free Bakery where people can also play with Lego. For now? I just play with my lego Bakery!!

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